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Who we are?


European School of oncology

in partnership with The European Prostate Cancer Coalition

Prostate Cancer Units Network is the first international network of clinical units dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The project is a initiative of the European School of Oncology in partnership with Europa Uomo – the European Prostate Cancer Coalition – with the aim to promote the multidisciplinary and multiprofessional management of prostate cancer patients.

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Our network includes Prostate Cancer Units that fulfil minimum requirements (see Eligibility Gate) to be considered referral centres. This website offers an online Prostate Cancer Units Directory that provides detailed information about our members in the attempt to broadcast the state-of-the-art standards for multidisciplinary prostate cancer care.


The development of the initiative is supported by the following publications organised with the contribution of several dedicated professionals  and supported by leading scientific organisations:

  • Prostate Cancer Unit Initiative in Europe: a position paper by the European School of Oncology.
    Critical Reviews in Oncology and Haematology 95: 133–143, 2015
  • The requirements of a specialist Prostate Cancer Unit. A discussion paper from the European School of Oncology.
    European Journal of Cancer 47: 1-7, 2011
  • Poster “Prostate Cancer Units in Europe: from utopia to dream to reality?
    Anticancer Research , vol. 31, n. 5, 2011 (abstract n. 247)
  • Prostate Cancer Units – has it come the time to discuss this thorny issue and promote their establishment in Europe?
    European Urology 60: 1193-1196, 2011
  • Prostate Cancer Units: the Patients' perspective.
    European Urology 60: 1200-1201, 2011
  • The Prostate Cancer Unit: A multidisciplinary approach for which the time has arrived.
    European Urology 60: 1197-1199, 2011

on Prostate Cancer

e-ESO offers free weekly CME accredited e-sessions on various topics.
The box shows all the Prostate Cancer e-sessions already available on e-ESO website.

The list of the future e-ESO sessions on Prostate Cancer can be found here.

Participants are invited to attend the sessions either live (every Thursday from 18:15 to 19:00 CET) or at any time as Recorded Session.

In both modes, attendants participate in remote, without webcam and without appearing in the system.


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