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How to become a member

Becoming a Prostate Cancer Units Network member is free of cost. Prostate Cancer Units must pass the Eligibility Gate to be included in the Network.

Eligibility Gate:

  1. Discussing and treating at least 100 newly referred prostate cancer cases (any stage) per year
  2. Holding Interdisciplinary and Multiprofessional Team Meetings on a regular basis, attended by at least a urologist, a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist
  3. Having at least 2 dedicated* urologists
  4. Having at least 2 dedicated** radiation oncologists
  5. Having at least 2 dedicated** medical  oncologists

* Defined as focusing at least 50% of the time in prostate disease

** Defined as focusing at least 50% of the time in prostate cancer

If your Centre does not meet the Eligibility Gate criteria, we kindly invite you to come back once these goals are reached, as we are sure your Unit is a potential Prostate Cancer Units Network member. Our Prostate Cancer Units Network Full Membership Criteria can be a useful guide to further improve your Prostate Cancer Unit.

To start the evaluation process, a representative of the applicant centre must register with an email address and password and answer a 60-minute friendly questionnaire. Please be aware that the data entered will be automatically saved and could be updated and modified any time. A paramount aspect for this evaluation is to provide accurate information and a responsible person to contact, should we need additional information.


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